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Care for Nilla

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Hi I'm Vanilla, but my humans call me Nilla.

I'm a Holstein Steer, which is your typical black and white dairy cow. I can weigh up to 2,500 pounds and be over 6 feet tall. HOLY COW.

My humans estimate I'm around 1,800-2,000 pounds right now and about 5’4” tall at my back.

I was being sold at a slaughter auction in Oklahoma when I was between 2-4 months old and was rescued June 8, 2019.

I am a big lover and have no idea how big I am, which makes some people nervous to come say hi to me at first. I am very curious about everything, especially new people, and I like to watch what's going on around my home.
I love to be brushed, lick my brothers and humans, and knock over the muck bucket when my humans are cleaning up after me.

Thank you for helping to take care of me.