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Hi, I'm Baby. I am an Aoudad Sheep, otherwise known as a Barbary Sheep.

I can weigh up to 300 pounds, however I am a more petite gal.

I am a very good jumper and can jump over 7 feet standing, although I don't fully realize that yet.

I was being sold at a slaughter auction in Oklahoma when I was between 2-4 months old and was rescued June 8, 2019. I came home with my brothers, who are steers. I prefer to be with them and be the boss; "Boss Baby".

I am very sweet and like to rest my head against you when I want some attention. I love to play in the water tubs and get sprayed with water by my humans on a hot day. I enjoy taking dirt and mud baths too. Sitting on top of hay bales to eat and nap is my favorite. I also enjoy chasing my dog friends and harassing my brother Mel a little bit when I want to play.

Thank you for helping to take care of me.