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Care for Simon

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Hi, I'm Simon,

I am a Nubian Goat, which is a British breed. We are the large Goats, No Goat Yoga for me!

I can weight up to 310 pounds.

I came to my new home on August 10, 2019 with my 2 brothers Theo and Alvin. We were roughly 4 months old at the time. Our previous owners home was foreclosed on and she said she would sell us for meat if we were not taken ASAP. Fortunately, a concerned person reached out to Reborn hoping they would be able to care for all 3 of us, and even donated to our care. We are so grateful.

I am very curious and find myself in mischief at times. I enjoy attention from my humans, and my brother Alvin is my best bud.

Thank you for helping to take care of me.