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Care for Cody

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Hi, I'm Cody. I am a Wolf-hybrid, which is a mix between a wolf and domestic dog.

I can live up to 14 years.

I was found living under a home in Big Bear California with 4 other litters of puppies and the adults. It was a breeding situation, and we were abandoned in our enclosure and left there to starve.

I was saved by a groundskeeper who found us. I was taken to a rescue to get the care I needed. I was then taken to my new home at Reborn, Memorial weekend, 2021.

5 other puppies came home with me, and the rest went to other homes.

I am the alpha male right now, which means I pick on my brother a bit. I am sweet with my humans and love to have my chest rubbed while I hide my face under your arm for a good snuggle. I am very playful and like to start up a good howling session with my pack.

Thank you for helping to take care of me.