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Care for Delilah

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Hi, I'm Delilah. I am a Wolf hybrid, which is a mix between a wolf and domestic dog.

I can live up to 14 years.

I was purchased at a high cost from a breeder by a young lady living in an apartment in San Diego, CA. Within weeks of bringing me home, my previous owner quickly realized I was not a “pet”. Unable to surrender me to an animal shelter (due to my wolf content), I ultimately found my way to Prescott, AZ to live with Sampson. I made the journey to my new home Memorial weekend, 2021.

I was a bit nervous when I came to my new home, but I'm making huge progress. I am very curious and like to watch my humans work. I love to play with my sibling Sampson, take a dip at the pool, explore, and give nose nudges when I want a treat.

Thank your for helping to take care of me.